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Eye-Catching Window Displays

Target Audience: Local residents who were looking to buy or sell a property in Jersey City, commuters who passed by the office on their daily commute, and investors who were interested in real estate opportunities in the area.


The marketing campaign aimed at promoting the Coldwell Banker Jersey City office through eye-catching and interactive window displays is still ongoing. The displays feature QR codes that direct viewers to property listing web pages and light up at night to attract passerbys outside of business hours.

Marketing Strategy

The strategy was to design and install creative and interactive window displays at the Coldwell Banker Jersey City office to attract attention and promote the office and its listings. QR codes were added to the window displays, which directed viewers to property listing web pages where they could find more information about the listings and/or reach out to the listing agent directly. The window displays were also equipped with LED lights that are activated at night, attracting attention and increasing visibility.

Creative Assets

The window displays were designed by me and installed by a third party, VGS. The displays themselves are made of glass and transparent plastic so that the listings are on display in both the interior and exterior of the office. LED lights frame each listing at night.

Results and Metrics

To measure engagement and lead generation, the number of scans and clicks generated by the QR codes was tracked, as well as website traffic to the listing pages.

Budget and Timeline

  • The total cost to install the new window displays was around $6,000.

  • The listings displayed in the windows are changed every 2 weeks-every month and this campaign is still ongoing.

Room For Improvement

Ideally, the displays would be LED screens that change every few minutes, to increase the number of listings displayed and make the process of switching the displays out more efficient.

Project Gallery

Want to see more?

Click below to view my most recent work. Additional materials are available upon request

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