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Billboard for Agent Promotion

Target Audience: Local residents who were looking to buy or sell a property in Jersey City, commuters who pass by on their daily commute, and investors who were interested in real estate opportunities in the area.


The marketing campaign aimed at promoting a top producing agent in downtown Jersey City has been successfully executed. The campaign featured a billboard, postcards, and social media ads that targeted local residents, commuters, and investors who were interested in real estate opportunities in the area. The photo above is not an actual depiction of the billboard location and is for reference only.

Marketing Strategy

  • Billboard: The strategically located billboard showcased the agent's brand and services.

  • Postcards: The direct mail postcards generated a moderate response rate and ROI, generating leads and promoting the agent's listings effectively.

  • Social Media Ads: The Facebook and Instagram ads targeting the local area increased brand awareness and generated leads effectively.

Creative Assets

  • Billboard: The high-quality image of the agent with a strong call-to-action that directed viewers to the agent's contact information was successful in attracting attention.

  • Postcards: The images of the agent's listings with a clear call-to-action to schedule a showing or get more information were successful in generating leads.

  • Social Media Ads: The eye-catching graphics, high-quality images that promoted the agent's brand and listings were successful in generating leads and promoting the agent's brand.

Results and Metrics

  • The response rate, conversion rate, and ROI generated by the postcards and billboard were tracked using a unique URL and the agent's phone number.

  • The number of impressions, clicks, and conversions generated by the social media ads were tracked using Homespotter/Boost, a Coldwell Banker tool.

Budget and Timeline

  • The total budget for the campaign was $10,000, with $4,000 allocated for the billboard, $3,000 for the postcards, and $3,000 for social media ads.

  • The campaign ran for two months.

Room For Improvement

In the future, for a billboard, I would consider adding a QR code that leads to the agent website in order to capture more consumers who do not necessarily want to call/text the agent.

Project Gallery

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